• Stowage cargo on vessels (where D-rings, locks etc. are needed, fixing using chains and steel ropes),
  • Tanks and industry machines modernization,
  • Perform not typical constructions, tanks, elements- on request of client elements can be made of galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum; powder or spray painting.
  • Conservation works of steel construction:
    • Repair works,
    • Cleaning of steel construction,
    • Sandblasting,
    • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Our production includes:
    • Air plasma cutting,
    • Gas cutting using torch,
    • Steel sheets and sections bending,
    • Welding:
      • Shielded metal arc welding,
      • MAG/MIG, TIG welding,
  • Straightening steel and aluminum using torch/ gas burner

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